Demonstration. Dmitri Gutov & RADEK group, 2000.


Demonstration is a movie showing a performance by the "Radek" group (a group of young left radical artists from Moscow). There were few participants, and in order to create a demonstration they chose a crowded place. They gathered at a junction where the pedestrian red light shows for a long time. When the green light finally shows, a big crowd of people crosses the street. At this moment the artists placed themselves at the head of the crowd and raised placards with absurdist and anarchist slogans. The impression made was that many people were taking part in the demonstration.

This performance was repeated several times.

For the video I used music by Pink Floyd ("Come in number 51, your time is up" and "Heart beat, pig meat") from the movie by Michelangelo Antonioni, "Zabriskie Point" (1969). This music refers to the end of 1960s, the time of young people's protests, which is an ideal example to Russian radical youth nowadays.