Series: “Relativism is dialectics for idiots”, 2009 Серия: "Релятивизм есть диалектика дураков", 2009

Oil on canvas Холст, масло


Scaramouche gallery, Volta NY Scaramouche gallery, Volta, Нью-Йорк








































1. The weight of this sad time we must obey. 100X80 cm  
2. Someone who has read Montaigne marvels at nothing. 100X70 cm  
3. Wonder.  90X70 cm  
4. We must find those arms no matter what; then, life will be even better, then true joy will come at last. 90X80 cm  
5. Crisis is once again approaching and by the intensity of its theatre and the intensity of its action it will drum dialectics even into the heads of those lucky bastards. 100X70 cm  
6. Despite all obstacles, I will pursue my aim and will not allow bourgeois society to turn me into a machine for
producing money. 80X90 cm
7. Shall I keep contempt for fortune, shall I carry in its face
Both the steadfastness and patience of my proud younger days. 100X80 cm
8. The rising of the price of art excites in the artist the capitalist mania to get rich, which he, however, can only satisfy by the sacrifice of his mind and body. 100X80 cm  
9. From nothing, through nothing, I have come unto nothing. 70X60 cm  
10. We have to get used to it that it is impossible to get used to it. 50X30 cm  
11. The air of endless ennui wafts from this small, poorly painted work. 50X80 cm  
12. Relativism is dialectics for idiots. 70X60 cm  
13. It would seem that this sad experience is necessary to art. 40X40 cm. Collection of Yael Danieli, New York  
14. The time has come to say farewell to the mousy scrambling of reflection. 50X50 cm. (2007)